Ahel Alkheer

Our team in Diyala affiliated with Code for IRAQ is made up of students and engineers from the Iraqi community who aspire to have their communities among the advanced communities and aspire to clean education, a sophisticated society and a better future for free. The community is free, humane, free of charge, without ads

 Providing services to citizens through available technologies, so we achieve our goal

 And they try the simplest things. They participate in the community. They work for free for a better society. I am very proud to work with them because they have a lot of giving and humanity. They started from scratch and continue to serve the community.

The application is easy, simple and beautiful. They wanted to have an impact in the community. They stayed up nights and continued work. Most of those who participated were beginners who did not know anything about programming, but with cooperation and their love for society, they achieved their first application

The most beautiful is that our applications do not contain any brand, marketing or any advertisements. All our applications are the property of the people, open source, and our members do not wait for return, but are volunteers for humanity and a better society, so thank them

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