Iraqi Library

An attempt to restore the former Baghdad library, which was the greatest role of science on earth - without the slightest exaggeration - for nearly five consecutive centuries.. It was founded by the Muslim Abbasid Caliph Harun al-Rashid - may God have mercy on him - who ruled the Islamic state from 170 AH to 193 AH, then the library flourished very much During the era of Al-Ma’mun, the Caliph of the Muslims from 198 AH to 218 AH.. And the Abbasid caliphs after them added books and valuables to the library until it became a house of knowledge. It is unimaginable how much knowledge is inside!!..We are talking about a house of knowledge that contained millions of volumes in this time immemorial! Millions of books in one library in a time when there is no printing!!..

Our team in Kurdistan is trying to restore this glory

In fact, we have a spring from the beautiful city of Dohuk despite the conflicts and pressures that we see daily in our societies, but still in this beautiful country, some of them are ambitious and insistent. They are considered a goal for a better society. They prove to the world that the future is better. They are fighters despite the difficulties. Million greetings of love and respect to you

When we begin to teach young people that we don't live in a passive society, a society of reading only, but of a modifiable society, where we have the power to change our societies, to change our institutions, that's when we really begin to put ourselves on the path.

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