Arduino course

It was agreed with the Directorate of Youth and Sports - Scientific Care Forum in Basra to hold an (Arduino) course for the beginner and intermediate levels in one of their halls.

The course was announced on 26/7/2019, and within two days, the number of registered people was (180) people, and the form was closed because the hall could accommodate (25-30) people.

38 trainees were accepted, and the course began on 29/7/2019 with two lectures per week (Monday and Thursday) for a period of no less than (10) lectures.

A week later, another course in the same field was opened on 4/8/2019, on (Sunday and Wednesday) of each week, and 38 trainees were also accepted from those registered in the form.

The two courses included programming Arduino board controllers in C/C++ language to control various types of compatible components, the ability to connect devices with different loads to control them, as well as the cognitive and technical foundation for the robot's work.

With the aim of preparing the trainees for the work of industrial projects, as well as raising the willingness of students of faculties of engineering and sciences related to the specializations of computer, electronics and electricity to do their graduation projects.

The two courses are still going on, and almost all the trainees are diligent in carrying out the partial tasks.

We will grant the trainees who wish to do projects ... a period of no less than (15) working days to complete the project, with the possibility of extending the time limit for a period not exceeding one month.

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