National Center for Engineering Consultation

Our belief that society possesses wonderful energies that have not yet been revealed and our role as an initiative to uncover these hidden talents and invest them in the service of society, our creator this time is Ali Majid from Baghdad, Ali Majid

Each of us has great abilities and energies that need us only to find them and search for them within us

Creativity is achieved only when we work as one community and help each other when we have humanity inside us

We must understand that everyone in this world has a role, and also in other roles, waiting for any of us to volunteer and perform them, especially for the members of Code 4 Iraq. Your happiness is based on the right

Certainly in every governorate, we have returned to creative people who represent their society and present the beautiful face of Iraq with a smiling face, and we are clinging to the fact that if the current situation has doubts about the future, it is surely better with the presence of these positive energies. Greetings to them

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