E-library at the Northern Technical University

The "Code for Iraq" volunteer team launches an electronic project for the management of libraries at the Northern Technical University...

The “Code for Iraq” volunteer team presented and prepared an applied program for the management of the central library at the Northern Technical University. Student Taha Ammar Yassin from the Technical College of Engineering in Mosul stated that the program enables beneficiaries to browse the e-book through a mobile device or a personal computer, review the indexing and learn about The contents of the library via a special form and this program saves time for browsing. The student, Fahd Mahfouz Muhammad, from the Department of Architecture at the University of Mosul, who is one of the team members, stated that the program was able to enter more than five thousand books as a first stage out of fifteen thousand books. Khaled Nouri Abdullah with the team and explained that the team works voluntarily and free of charge, although the program would have cost huge sums if it was done through a commercial entity. Mr. Nouri added that the program despite its importance and effectiveness, but the paper book is still the preferred one for the beneficiaries, so we adopt both methods Electronic and paper in the management of the library currently.

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