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This site specializes in collecting data and statistics on the Corona virus, which is scientifically known as the Covid-19 site in the Republic of Iraq, cases (injuries - deaths - recovery) in each of the governorates of Iraq, as the primary purpose of data collection is to study and analyze the stages of the disease's spread in Iraq in order to control and limit its spread.

This site includes

• Numbers of injured, recovered, and deaths in each governorate. Note that these statistics are approved by the Iraqi Ministry of Health through the ministry's channels.

• The data on this site is updated constantly and according to the percentage of increase or decrease in the country.

• It is possible to rely on this site to study and analyze the reasons that lead to an increase in infection with this epidemic, by tracking the data indicator and noting the difference between the governorates in which the infection rate is lower than the governorates in which it increases, and through it the knowledge of the reasons that lead to an increase or decrease in numbers.

• This site also contains humanitarian initiatives that provide aid by the Iraqi people to needy families during the curfew period.

• News about the disease is one of the prevention methods to avoid infection with this disease, knowing that these prevention methods are taken from the World Health Organization.

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