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The problem we are facing is that many families need food and also medicines in light of the current curfew, and in many families their work was dependent on daily wages, sitting at home, eating and other things that need money

On the other hand, in many personalities, initiatives and organizations that provide their services by providing aid, food and daily necessities, and they launch campaigns for different regions

But there is a problem that sometimes it is difficult to know the location of the needy or the helper, so we made an application that helps the needy and the appointed parties so that they can find each other through maps and the phone

All thanks to our heroes, Salah El-Din team, for creating an application that benefits organizations and initiatives related to humanitarian cases

Do we see many initiatives and organizations distributing food baskets in different regions of the Iraqi governorates?

And we saw a problem that some areas are difficult to describe and reach. This application can be used to reach needy families using maps and contact them.

So we made an application that can be used for needy families who need food or medical supplies in light of the current crisis

All thanks to Marwan Ahmed and Mahmoud Al-Samarrai, who are considered fighters within society, fighting for humanity and for proving that Iraq is still fine and has a beautiful face represented by the members of our initiative, so be confident in good people trying to change for the better

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