Programming in the c ++ language

Code for Iraq initiative is holding a free course sponsored by Tech Academy for Development, a course on programming in the c ++ language and the concept of programming algorithms .. an opportunity for all those interested in programming, including professors and university students.

🔺Themes of software algorithms include

 • General concept of algorithms

 • Steps and methods of writing algorithms

 • Uses of algorithms in the field of software projects

 • A practical explanation of global algorithms and how these algorithms work, such as Amazon's algorithm, how Facebook's algorithms work and others

 • Giving tasks to each individual in the course for the purpose of designing an algorithm and delivering it the next day and opening a discussion about each algorithm

🔺 C++ programming themes, first principles:

 • Translators

 • Program structure in language

 • Variables

 • Constants

 • Processes

 The basics of input and output

 • Many practical examples and design for each algorithm program

Course duration: 5 days

The trainee gets:

1. IEEE Global Certification

2. Tech Development Academy Certificate

♦️ To register, call or come to the academy headquarters

Maysan - Naama Al-Rifi Street - near the clock

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